Growing UP SUCKS! (by Kristy Tran


This was one of my summer drama that i’ve watched and it is a to die for drama! I like this drama because it shows a different perspective and i like that! History is written down but how do we actually know what happened, cause you know winners tend to be the hero and losers are always portrayed as “bad guys” but how do we know for sure? JOJ and the King, the romance in this drama is just so heart warming! <3 I absolutely recommend it! Oh and also there are many attractive actors and actresses in this drama (; eye candy yah know what i mean!? 



A little motivation for those of you who are working on finishing your applications!


What about love - Austin Mahone

I’m loving this song haha reminds me so much like the music i grew up with in the 90s!


Wanting to travel the world <3

My Dream to see all the beauty the world has to offer! 


Wow haha i haven’t even blogged in like what 6 or 7 months! I’m still getting use to this “blogging” “tumblr” thing (as you can see) 

But here’s a mini update! 

- Got a new job at Forever 21

- Got 1st place in this Dance Competition from PTA, North Dakota

- This year has been probably the best year <3 2013!

- Graduated!! going to NDSU for college!

- Aaron Carter Came into town and i went to the show!

- He made a heart with his hands right back at me when i made one at him! <3 He also groped my hand! 


one of my senior pics :D

Photo Set

haha wow interesting 

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He&#8217;s such a cutie :D

He’s such a cutie :D

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haha i have been MIA for way too long! 

i don’t know how to use this and i am horrible!

BUT i will start it up again :D hopefully more successful this time!